Friday, October 12, 2007

Email to 50,000 New and Fresh Leads Every Week

A Right way and a Wrong Way

There are many email marketing programs out there, some of which promise to blast to tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of email recipients every day, but you need to be careful.

Email marketing does work and it is by far the best way of marketing to your prospects. It is an easy way to boost your website traffic, build sales and even increase your adsense earnings.

However in order to send email the right way, you have to consider what you get in the wrong way. Those that promise to blast 50 million email recipients cannot promise new and fresh leads. Most probably they are lists built over years and years and are the bulk of them are probably stagnant or inactive by now and if this weren't enough some unscrupulous people are not blasting to real people any way. What they are doing is blasting to software that reads your mails. So what happens as a result is that your website traffic doesn't increase, that your sales do not go up and your adsense earnings remain as low as ever.

The significance of New Leads

New Leads are not stagnant. They are active leads. You must receive emails every day and surely you are not a software that reads mails. New leads are people who have opted in and who are interested in what you have to offer right now.

Since you get 50,000 new lead very week to email to, you are constantly have access to people who want your product today and not people who had opted in yonks ago and have since lost interest. The chances of sales is greatly increased.

Because these are opt in leads, it is 100% spam free and entirely legal.

Do you have time to lose?

No. Sellers must be buyers too as I have said before. So if you want to sell more, you need the tool that will enable you to do so. You cannot afford to lose out.

New and Fresh Email Leads

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